Liliw and Majayjay Falls.

Last July, we went to Liliw and Majayjay falls because it’s our class field trip. It was fun, I can tell, since we did a lot of walking and I was able to shoot a lot of pictures. This field trip opened my eyes that the Philippines is full of undiscovered sites that is worth being popular. Like in Liliw, Laguna, I discovered that they are famous for their sweet delicacies and cheap but durable shoe wares.

These slippers costs for only 100-500. I have the urge to buy my mom but I don’t know what her shoe size is. The slippers are not that popular to people since it’s doesn’t have a timely design. If they really want to gain profit, they should go with what the people like these days and better yet innovate something that have the potential to be exported from the country.

We also went to 2 churches and well… prayed ( expected from a catholic school). 

Lastly, we went to this beautiful falls named, Majajay ( pronounced as MAHAYHAY) falls and sadly I wasn’t able to swim since it’s too cold and I might get allergies. On the happy not, I grabbed the opportunity to take some pictures of the falls. 

I really enjoyed my fieldtrip since its the last one this high school. Honestly, I’ll miss my school even though they ask a lot of money from because of the complex. I’ll miss the people who I go with whenever we have field trips and the atmosphere of being with your friends whenever we go outbound. I guess my high school life is slowly going to a close.

Success is more permanent when you achieve it without destroying your principles.

Walter Cronkite

Tips for those who are new with retainers.

For 6 months now, I have been wearing my retainers and went through a lot of bad experiences. Oh wait, bad experiences is an understatement, let’s change that into AWFUL. Since I don’t want anyone to experience or try any of this, I would give you some tips on how to survive with it.

  1. ALWAYS brush your retainers after you eat - it’s ok if you don’t brush your teeth every meals but, at least brush your retainers because you don’t want some rotten tomatoes or spoiled milk that is stuck on your retainers coming out from your mouth. Try it and you’ll feel extra light and hygienic too.
  2.  Don’t play with your retainers - do not constantly “remove and put it back” because after a few days your retainers will be so loose that just by laughing, it will automatically go out on its own. You don’t want your friends calling you grandma dentures.
  3. Buy a denture case - If you really need to take out your retainers while in the mall or restaurant, put it in your denture case! Don’t wrap it using tissue or barely putting it in your bag because that is not hygienic and people might stare at you by doing so.
  4. Take care of your retainers - You don’t want to spend a lot every month just because your retainers shattered. Always take note that it’s FRAGILE.
  5. Never eat sticky/chewy food with your dentures - or better not eat it at all! The worst food to eat with dentures on is bubble gum. Don’t even think of trying it if you don’t want to spend a week removing that on your retainers. 

I hope these tips helped you/ will be helping in a way. I’m giving these tips because I experienced all of it and I don’t want others to experience the same thing. I know you can survive with your retainers. Good Luck!

Oh teeth.

" Brushing your teeth after every meal.

Rushing to brush immediately after every meal may seem like a great way to keep your oral health in check, but according to Greg Diamond, DDS, a New York City periodontist, it’s better to hold off. Food can leave acid on your teeth, which can weaken the enamel, “and brushing while the enamel is in a weakened state can actually scrub the enamel away.” To dislodge any food particles that may remain after eating, he recommends simply rinsing your mouth out with water and saving the brushing for morning and night. Then when you do brush, be sure to do so in a circular motion. According to Dr. Diamond, this will improve your chances of removing harmful bacteria between the teeth and gums. Brushing up and down or back and forth, on the other hand, can leave behind harmful bacteria, causing gum disease; while applying too much pressure can lead to receding gums. Photo: Shutterstock” - Yahoo

Really? Well that sucks because all this time I thought brushing your teeth after every meal would be beneficial and would not cause you cavities. Turns out I’m wrong and I don’t know how to stop my Brushing-my-teeth-every-after-meals OCD. I just can’t bare wearing my retainers with a lot of leftover food between my teeth and on my gum. The other thing that upsets me is that I don’t speak often in class which can cause bad breath… you know what it smells like. In the first place, why didn’t my dentist warn me about “over” brushing? (the fact that she told me that it’s OK.) Sigh… no brushing of teeth every recess and lunch day 1 starts tomorrow.

This is our Filipino video entitled “emeremere”. It’s about how students tend to bury themselves in senseless habits/vices. The video has a lot of symbolism and you might not understand it at first. Either way, hope you enjoy our video! 

Life with your circle of friends.

Isn’t it heart warming when you go to school and one of your friends will greet you good morning? Or their simple acts of kindest by just volunteering to throw your trash when its recess. It’s a good thing God created friends who will always be there by your side and will let an ear to hear your weird stories. Besides, what would our life be without them? This post is dedicated to my friends who were with me since 2nd year. I really don’t have a best friend but I do have close friends. I just can’t be biased on one person since I aim for equality. I will introduce to them one by one and according to last names.

1. The kikay

Meet K-anne Baga, she is a certified kikay (meaning: girly) and at the same time my energizer because of her,well, energy. I met her last school since she is my classmate and we became seatmates when our adviser changed our seating arrangement for 2nd quarter. At first, I was intimidated of her because I assumed that she is not approachable and may think of me as a weird student. I was correct that she finds me weird but my view of her changed when she started talking to me; She is such an open minded and friendly person, not to mention also weird (Of course i’m always weirder). It’s really funny that her personality may not seem to go together ( girly,funny,kind) but I think that’s the reason why I like her as a friend.

2. The Elegant

I have many reasons why I call her elegant: she’s a dancer, has the best hand writing,has a good sense of style and really good in make-up. Her name is Mia Baguisi and she is always my shopping buddy whenever my mom decides to go to a bazaar or sales. Our first formal meeting was last Grade six and I really don’t remember us being close until we were classmates again last year (K-anne somewhat brought us together ). She is one sweet girl and I love her just the way she is.

3. The Responsible

This is Justine Bardelosa and she is the most responsible student I know. She has been an officer for 4 years straight (beadle) and I’m really proud of her doing her job for a long time. Her daily frantic on whether how to do the homework or her morning questions on if you have an excuse letter because of your absence the previous day makes me laugh at her personality but that’s what makes her so unique. She is the friend whom I can lean on and she is always there whenever I have break down because of my problems. She is one of those friends who I can’t really live without.

4. The Cheery

If she would be given a nickname, i would call her ms.sunshine. Whenever she comes to school, expect her wide smile and her well, skipy-ness. I consider her my secret keeper since she doesn’t judge on my very shocking secrets ( you know what i’m talking about). Denise is also a swimmer in our batch and I’m a very proud fan of her whenever she has competitions (even though I “insult her always :)) ).

5. The Player

Don’t worry, she is not the “player” you are thinking about, what I meant was a badminton player. She, together with her sister, is one of the best players in Pasig and often bags medals from competitions. But that’s not the reason why she is my friend; it’s because of her caring and thoughtfulness that I got used to everyday. She would often brighten up my day whenever some shit bugs me and she is the KINDEST person I know. On the other note, I’m still amazed on how she manages her studies and training because she comes home at around 9pm and still scores high in her quizzes the next day.

6. The Cunning

I am so dead for calling her cunning. But I think she knows the idea when I call her that since she described herself as cunning also. Her name is Lyn Higwit and if you see us together, expect us planning something mysterious (joke). She is smart and at the same time funny which is cool cause I don’t like dealing with serious nerds. Just don’t make her as your enemy because she will bring down to your knees to say sorry. (figuratively)

7. The Smart and Young

Within my circle of friends, Chanel is the smartest and also the youngest. Honestly, i really envy her smartness and her high esteem because she has the best of both worlds. I am a shy type and I always consult to her whenever I have esteem problems. The funny thing about us is that we both have imaginary friends who spank each other up ( her’s is tom while mine is winky) and chanel hating my imaginary friend.

8. The Perfectionist

"nobody’s perfect" is the usual excuse for people who make mistakes. But for Gianne Ramos, this term doesn’t exhist in her dictionary. She always want to ace the quiezzes, do best in group work and if possible, no absentees. She Is also an OC person since she cleans her place almost everyday and makes sure everything is in place and order. Sometimes I even consider her perfect but she disagrees otherwise.